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Music Scholarship Information

The Adrian College Music Department

Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theater (BA)

Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theater


Musical Theater students at Adrian College have the opportunity to participate in the annual Fall Musical Production and Musical Theater Workshop in the spring.  Our musical theater students also participate in our straight play productions to improve acting skills and expand their stage experiences.  Senior musical theater majors produce and star in their own Cabaret Show  (Capstone Experience) featuring solo work, ensemble, monologue, diaolgue and choreography, all set by the student with faculty assistance.  Our students also regularly participate in local Community Theater prodctions throughout the year at playhouses like The Croswell Opera House, the Midland Center for Performing Artsand the Encore Musical Theater Company in Dexter.


Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theatre (4 hours in Dance, 17 hours in Theatre and 23 hours in Music)

Music Theatre Core (44 hours)

DANC 100 Dance Fundamentals (1)

DANC 200 Musical Theatre Dance (1)

DANC 360 Musical Theatre Dance Composition and Choreography (2)


THRE 100 Theatre Workshop I (1)

THRE 101 Theatre Workshop II (1)

THRE 108 Acting I (3)

THRE 207 Stagecraft (3)

THRE 303 Acting II (3)

THRE 314 History of Musical Theatre (3)

THRE 418 Senior Research in Musical Theatre (2)

THRE 420 Capstone: Senior Presentation in Musical Theatre (1)


MUS 101 Theory I (3)

MUS 102 Theory II (3)

MUS 103 Aural Skills I (2)

MUS 104 Aural Skills 2 (2)

MUS 115 Keyboard 1 (1)

MUS 116 Keyboard 2 (1)

MUS 213 Musical Theatre Workshop (1,1,1)

MUS 237 Applied Voice (8 Semesters for a total of 8 credits)